"The only Polish American Fire Co. in USA."
Founded 1915
Shenandoah, PA
The Polish American Fire Co.
West Centre Street
Shenandoah, PA 17976
Emergency 911                Firehouse 462-9572
Copyright the PA 2007-15
Meetings Held every First & Third Mondays of the Month at 7:30pm
100th Anniversary Information
Awards List
In County (57)
Out-of-County  (32)
In or Out-of-County  (32)
Polish American Parade Committee Awards (7)
Polish American Awards In or Out-of-County Eligible  (3)
Convention glasses are available at the
Grille for $10:00 each and will be needed
for refreshments on Sept. 3rd & 5th during
our Anniversary Week Activities.
Anniversary Schedule
Kids Night Fun!!!
100th Anniversary Bash & Open House
Thur. 6pm-9pm
Music by Tazen Bender
Convention Glass NEEDED For Refreshments