"The only Polish American Fire Co. in USA."
Founded 1915
Shenandoah, PA
The Polish American Fire Co.
West Centre Street
Shenandoah, PA 17976
Emergency 911                Firehouse 462-9572
Copyright the PA 2007-14
Proud Host of the 2015 Schuylkill County Firefighters Convention
The Polish American Fire Co. will also Celebrate our 100th Anniversary
Our members help is always greatly appreciated!!!! Thank You!!!
Meetings Held every First & Third Mondays of the Month at
The PA brings Santa to
The PA recently received a certificate
of appreciation from the American
Red Cross for opening up our
Firehouse to be utilized as a REHAB
Center for emergency responders, an
emergency shelter for displaced
families after a disaster (fire) and
finally for assisting the American Red
Cross in whatever else they needed.
During the month of November, the
SFD has been quite busy with the
amount of structure fires in the
Borough. Once again, Thank You to all
of our Members for not only helping
the community during the fires, but
also afterwards in whatever else was